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At DoTheRoom we believe that everyone deserves to have great looking rooms that suit their hearts desires as well as their daily needs, and we think the process should be easy and affordable.


How does it work?

You are a single professional with great taste but no time to spare, a couple moving in together merging your styles, you're tired of the same old living room and want a facelift, doing up a place to rent, creating a home office, preparing for a new baby, downsizing or upsizing, you want to make that family space beautiful not just're seeking're seeking your perfect space.


Professional Affordable

A design philosophy...

This is about creating a space that is exactly right for you, so whether you like comfy and cosy or modern and minimalist, classic chic or experimental, whether you favour a riot of colour or a neutral landscape, we'll create exactly the right environment just for you.

It's all about you and your...

Living Room

Dining Room






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How we Do you.


Tell us
About it

Answer this short questionnaire which tells us about the practical aspects of your project, such as the dimensions and use of your room(s), as well as the style parts such as colours you love and hate, your must haves and definitely must not haves.


Leave it
with us

Choose one of our plans (More info below) and we will get started with doing you! We work within the budget you set us, so we'll never recommend a plan you can't afford.Written content about purchase stage of user journey


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our pack

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From this...

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To this...

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What's the Damage?


Right on time

Slow Down

Our fee structure is super flexible making it easy for you to find your fit from as little as £200.

All prices are for a single room and include a phone consultation and up
to two revisions.

If you would like to do more than one room please contact us for a bespoke price.

If time is off the essence then we'll shift gears up a notch to deliver a plan to transform your space toute suite.

7 days


With this service we'll have your full pack ready to go in a fortnight.

14 days


If you're not in a hurry this is the right option for you. Sometimes you can take your time to set the mood.

28 days


We’ve got your back

An extra bonus just from us - We share any deals & discounts we get straight back to you - How nice are we!!!

We did them good!
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