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An Ode to Cozy: 6 Tips to Cozy Up Your Bathroom


We recently dropped by a kitchen bedroom and bathroom exhibition. It was a plethora of clean storage and clever, tech driven solutions for any modern living conundrum you could think of. It was a festival of clean slick lines and hygienic vibes. It was beautiful and a haven to efficiency. But all just a little bit... empty. Soulless even. We love a clean line and believe us we are not advocating carpet anywhere near a bathroom... but whatever happened to liking things warm and cozy?

It's pretty easy to achieve in the kitchen. We're totally in love with integrated kitchens that offer a seamless flow from kitchen to living room... bookshelves and photos in the kitchen, cushioned benches attached to your island, storage and shelving at multiple levels all establishing the kitchen as a part of your living and social space rather than a mysterious separate room to which people are banished to conjure up nutritious delights at certain times of the day.

But what to do with the bathroom? Here are 9 tips to create a cosy space in your bathroom without compromising on feeling clean and hygienic.

1. Window Treatment

Bathroom windows are often overlooked, but dressing your bathroom windows really a go-to for adding warmth and coziness to the bathroom without compromising on clean feel. Roman blinds are a great way to add colour and depth, or a simple white billory sheer can add texture and fantastic light diffusion whilst keeping a clean fresh feel. Whatever you choose, keep it clean and unfussy, to maintain that fresh feel in the bathroom.

2. Unique Pieces

In the rest of the house we seek out unique objects, statement pieces and items that add the perfect finishing touch, so why not the same in the bathroom? There's nothing stopping you from adding a beautiful restored chair, an antique armoire (depending on the shape you have to work with) or just s simple display of wicker baskets to add warmth and character to your bathroom.

3. Mirrors

Someone somewhere at some point decided that certain mirrors are good for the bathroom - but guess what? You don't have to obey them! Steer away from the bathroom section and instead seek out a mirror that you really love, and that you think will look great in your bathroom.

4. Plant & Flowers

This is a no brainer. You can't have too many plants, anywhere in the house. Plants keep a bathroom smelling fresh, add extra oxygen to the room, and varied greens create a beautiful colourscape that even the most minimalist of bathrooms can tolerate. You can also take the opportunity to house them in some beautiful pots.

Why stop at plants? In the rest of the house a vase of beautiful flowers instantly lifts a room, and the effect will be the same in the bathroom. Our personal favourite is a vase of fresh calla lilies in front of window - beautiful to contemplate while you... ahem...make use of the facilities.

5. Art

You'll see that we have a recurring theme here - if its works in the rest of the house, why not in the bathroom. Art is no exception. Whether it's classic or humourous a large statement piece or a gallery arrangement, this is a great way to add a little warmth to your bathroom without compromising on clean lines and modern vibes.

6. Colour

It can be quite hard to get it right when it comes to colour in your bathroom. It's tempting to tile the whole thing or go with white or very light walls. It doesn’t help that normally the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, and so it’s right to be wary of closing the space in with dark colours.  However, spend some time thinking about whether the space could actually tolerate some colour on the walls - for instance if it gets great natural light.  Otherwise inject some colour with one or two small objects or, the bathroom staple, some lovely coloured (and usefully scented) candles.

So get to work adding some cozy to your bathroom but please...don’t ever ever put anything remotely woolly on your toilet seat!


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