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Aetha transforms the way organisations work with drones by providing streamlined integrated drone solutions for your requirements. 

As a global single-source for expert advice, equipment, training and support, aetha saves you time and money, enabling you to focus on providing successful and safe drone services.

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We stock and supply one of the largest equipment ranges in the UK, covering drones, payloads, software, components and much more. If you have a particular requirement or are looking for a single-source supplier please get in touch

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The application for drones in huge, so if you cannot find what you’re looking for here, please get in touch

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So you’ve had an idea, which could potentially save you money, decrease risk or improve efficiency of your task, but you’re not sure if drones will be the answer. aetha can help by  utilising many years of experience across dozens of different applications, enabling you to refine your concept and start the formation of your drone programme. 

Brands we work with

From the midst of a global pandemic, aetha was created to meet an ever-growing global demand for comprehensive drone solutions for every vertical market. With offices in London and on the South Coast, we help our clients integrate drones within their organisation: whether you are a small business, educational institute, government organisation or a large corporation, we provide expert advice, training, support and equipment that scales with your business, whilst reducing your time and costs.



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On all orders over £100 (T&Cs apply). Fully insured.


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Consultation, training, sales & support: we have you covered


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Advice from our experienced industry experts


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We serve clients across the globe and have offices in Europe, Middle East and North America.